How to Avoid Scammers

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How to Avoid Roofing Scams

Silicone Roofing Houston explains how to avoid being taken advantage of in their industry.

It pays to choose the professionals who have built a reputation through the years of satisfied clients.

Take Your Time or Get Taken

Roof coatings are a great product. They can help bring energy efficiency to your building and its existing roof. But not all “contractors” are great or even honest.

SRH says run if you are promised a “miracle” roof coating at an unbelievable price. Our multi-step process, which includes surface preparation before application of silicone begins, is unprecedented in our industry. Plus we are sure to be here with you before, during and after our work is done.

If it Sounds Cheap, it is Cheap

It pays to do a little research before you select a roof coatings applicator. Scammers use low-priced, low-quality products, and apply the coating with no preparation or repairs. If, and or when, they offer you a warranty, be sure it is read and understood thoroughly by both you and the applicator. The best warranties are provided by the product manufacturer and maintained through them as well, not the service provider.

High Pressure Sell: Low Quality Job

We expect you to get competitive bids and we encourage it. Just be sure you compare preparation, process, pricing, product as well as any warranties offered. If a contractor is vague about the materials they are using, how they apply them, or can’t provide references from previous clients or vendors, then be aware their service may not be what you expect.

A Warranty is Paper. Your Roof is Not.

Reputable roof coating contractors have history and a list of satisfied clients.

Building owners should always:

  • Check contractors ID and be sure their company is accredited on the websites advertised.
  • Ask about insurance and work/product warranties with written verification of such guarantee.
  • Verify with coating manufacturer that they are licensed and certified to apply the product within the scope of work. The manufacturer should be able to provide you a copy of their standards for the warranty of the product to review.

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