How to Increase Roof Sustainability

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Increase the Sustainability of Your Roof

It is said that if a roof reaches the age of 20, it’s the right time to think about getting a new one. Well, this might be true for some roofs that lack attention from the owners. However, by monitoring and keeping a check, the longevity of silicone coating can easily be enhanced.

The longevity of a roof comes with the level of its durability and sustainability. And suitability is the name on withstanding extreme temperatures, changing climatic conditions and normal wear and tear. Since the roof is an extremely significant part of a building, it requires extensive monitoring for the possible signs of deterioration.

These signs can also be in the form of leaked seals or exterior cracks, or growth of moss over the roof’s surface. While for some people, these are common issues due to normal wear and tear, only a few of us understand the importance of repairing these damages in a timely manner.

Ways to improve the suitability of a commercial roof

The reliability of a roof can be improved by following or adhering to some measures that are proven to be the best by industry expertsIf you are currently facing the cost of replacement or repair of a roof, then this insight will assist you in taking the correct measures ahead of time and avoid the unnecessary expense of future repair or replacement, for years to come.

Remove the debris from the roof

Throughout the year, especially in windy weather, debris falls on the roof’s surface. Hence, the leaves, dirt or tree branches impact the roof’s surface and give it a messy look with that accumulated debris. However, the more debris, the more severe concern is the damage it causes to the roof’s surface.

The fallen branches and other debris can puncture and / or tear the coated roof surface reducing the quality  of the roof coating’s watertight seal, allowing the membrane to fail.

Inspection of roof drains and its cleaning

Roof drains serve as a water path and facilitate the water flow off a roof’s surface. Similarly, the cleaning and inspection of roof drains should also be considered, for the smooth flow of water.

Commercial roofers throughout the US suggest this step in order to avoid the clogs, rust, and corrosion caused to drain pipes. This can easily be done by using fabricated drain boots for circular roof drains or by the installation of strainers over all drains to ensure long-lasting and watertight flashing. Also, the drain can be sealed with composite drain rings once the installation is completed.

Ensure the trimming of trees hanging over the building

As we discussed falling debris earlier, similarly, it is equally important to trim the trees that hang over the building’s roof. This should be done prior to any storms. This is not only harmful to your commercial roof’s surface but can also eliminate future maintenance costs. Therefore, timely action will save your money as well as protect you from severe damage.

A check on trapped moisture within the roof’s surface

The most commonly observed problem by commercial roofers in Houston, TX is the bubbling of the roof’s membrane. This happens in the case of an improper installation of a roof. The poorly installed roof may build up and trap moisture which on heating, can cause bubbling, swelling and even rippling over the roof’s areas where it is impossible for the moisture to escape.

The same goes for the roofs which are old and in service for several years. The wear and tear over the years and lack of maintenance make the situation even worse. Therefore, the best way to resolve this is by getting a timely inspection of your commercial roof in Texas.

Timely inspection to avoid weather deterioration

The best approach and the most neglected one is the regular inspection of commercial roofs. From the trapped moisture within the roof membrane to the ice dam and leaking water during snow storms, a timely inspection before a climate change always saves a lot of time and efforts along with some big bucks.

Along with seasonal checks, it is also a good approach to proactively check the drains and downspouts for possible clogging or rusting that would block the water flow and create more damage just like water ponding over the roof’s surface.

Save Time and Money

The discussed preventive measures not only reduce the expense of commercial roof coatings in Texas, but also help in deterring the time-consuming and tiresome activity of repair/replacement in the future.

People often unnecessarily spend time and money on the replacement of a perfectly healthy roof. This is because of two basic reasons. Due to the lack of knowledge of measures that can severely avoid the need for replacement, beware of incorrect guidance by some inexperienced roofers.

Therefore, if you are located in Texas and are looking for an expert roof analysis by a highly experienced team, then don’t hesitate to give Silicone Roofing Houston a call and schedule the hassle free analysis of your roof now.

Moreover, all those, who truly believe in the significance of the commercial roof, never hesitate in taking adequate measures to avoid these issues, proactively. Same goes for the fact that with an inspection twice a year, the sustainability of a roof system can be improved up to a great level.

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